How It Works - Reputera - Reputation Management for Professionals
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Getting Started with Reputera

1. Getting started with Reputera is easy.
2. Simply contact us to arrange for a product demo.
3. Once you decide to formally engage us, you download the free app from the Apple Store.
4. You’ll receive a login that will allow you to subscribe to your preferred level of service.

Levels of service fit your needs precisely

With Reputera, you can choose how deeply you need your data insights to go. At all levels of service, you can add consulting services and reports (quarterly or yearly). Our reports are written by experienced industry analysts and provide additional context and commentary tailored specifically to your company. Our reports provide clear insights into reputation risks you’ve faced to date.

Level of service Features

  • Basic

    • Dashboard with trending statistics and reputation risk scores (customer and industry)
    • Geospatial map of reputation risk events
    • Reputation Radar visual vector comparison
    • Instant reputation alerts when critical reputation incidents occur
    • Learning algorithms
    • Coverage of all 6 reputation vectors

  • Enhanced

  • Basic features plus more detailed deeper reputation analytics, and additional proprietary data sources

    • Dashboard: Detailed timelines, time-series graphs and histograms to place additional context on the reputation issues
    • Additional graph: interactive network analysis graph showing connections between entities (person, place, thing, organization) and the resulting reputation risks
    • Social responsibility: receive proprietary data for environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators
    • Feedback system: get enhanced feedback, report bugs, and issue feature requests
    • Custom weighting: adjust the weighting by risk vector, to help customize the output and data visibility
    • Full-text search: retrieve information via full-text search

  • Premium

  • Enhanced features and more

    • Reputation profiles: receive customized industry-specific reputation profiles for a succinct “portfolio” view of a risk event
    • Influencer profiles: see succinct, customized industry-specific profiles
    • Cyber security: get expert attribution-based reporting to identify sources of potential threats
    • Location monitoring: receive hyper-local reputation monitoring to identify detailed trends, personalities, and emerging issues
    • Offline capabilities: read reports and interact with application graphs without internet access
    • Geofencing: be notified about location-specific alerts
    • Custom lists: populate and update custom entity/event lists