What We Do - Reputera - Reputation Management for Professionals
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Real-time reputation defense, to go

As a reputation defender, you need a game plan. Reputera is a mobile tool that provides real-time access to events and information that could affect your business—whether those rumblings originate from a company next door or across the ocean. Reputera informs you of potential threats before they blindside you or your company. You’ll be able to formulate an effective strategy to manage your company’s image, whether times are good or challenging.

Real-time mobile app for your iPad or smartphone Monitors risk along 6 vectors:

cybersecurity, geopolitics, influencers, operational, social intelligence, sustainability

With deep data and live insights provided by Reputera, you can monitor your reputation and take appropriate action immediately


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News services




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> 50,000

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Meet Our App

The user-friendly Reputera interface provides an instant global view of risk along 6 vectors:

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber monitoring helps identify potential threats during the reconnaissance and social engineering phases of a hack. Our reports protect your company as well as employees, vendors, suppliers, and others who might be targeted through your network.



Contain your risk. Our timely identification of geopolitical crises allows you to engineer a response that complies with global regulatory issues, mitigating corporate liability.



Keep up with trends. We ‘listen’ to real-time conversations from business stakeholders, social media users, bloggers, journalists, and opinion leaders.



Protect your operations. Our supply chain intelligence reports, based on data gathering and continuous supply chain monitoring, help identify threats to your business strategy and operations and provide unique insights into potential disruptions.

social intelligence

social intelligence

Stay current. We identify the industry dynamics, competitive landscape, future trends, social media impressions, and consumer insights that are vital to your success.



Go green. Our reports examine environmental factors, including ecosystem degradation, resource access and supply, global consumerism, and public health, that could affect your business.

Stay Informed

Know who’s talking about you, where they’re located,

and what they’re saying. End the guessing game —

with pinpoint, real-time information from Reputera.

All of this information is consolidated into a reputation risks score for your company versus competitors. You’ll also see who the hottest influencers are, and the topics they’re buzzing about.

To get this information, our team combines unique databases of reputational information with immediate actionable steps you can take to avert a potential crisis. This information is delivered real-time and is customized for your company—it is not ‘one size fits all—to deliver a unique business advantage.