Who We Are - Reputera - Reputation Management for Professionals
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Actionable business intelligence is only as good as the source it comes from.

Reputera’s data are compiled from active databases of lobbyists, influencers, NGOs, think tanks, and other sources…for comprehensive, holistic insights.

Never before has news traveled so far…or so rapidly. Companies concerned about protecting their reputation need to prevent damage before it occurs. Reputera was created to answer this need, with a mobile app that offers instant access to real-time, actionable business intelligence information.

Why Reputera? Because we’re not ‘business as usual’

Most reputational software is focused on controlling damage after it occurs—when it’s too late. Reputera is different. We supply you sophisticated business intelligence and advance insights that can help you proactively avert a crisis.

We offer unique advantages:

  • We are reputation risk specialists; safeguarding your company’s reputation is our only focus
  • Real-time mobile app provides fingertip access to live metrics whether you’re working out, traveling, at client meetings, or in the office
  • Global information covers 6 vectors of risk, top influencers, and trending topics
  • Customized, comprehensive analytics are specific for your company…not generic to your industry
  • Information is from top leading data providers and industry experts, not customer reviews



Michael Rossi


Michael Rossi spent over 15 years supporting U.S. national security operations as an operational targeting analyst working in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Mr. Rossi worked on national security issues ranging from terrorist financing and travel, cyber operations, non-proliferation supply chain networks and human trafficking networks. He also worked during this time in several specialized research & development groups that looked into emerging & disruptive technologies.

Now as an advisor in the private sector, Mr. Rossi assists clients with developing actionable intelligence on issues ranging from cyber operations, to illicit criminal networks, and global supply chain operations and brand reputation issues. He also consults on big data analytics solutions and technologies for organizations in the financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, oil & gas and high-tech industries.


Kathy Tompkins


Kathy’s knowledge of business and professionalism is supported by over 25 years of real world leadership experience acquired from the strategic communications and executive search industries. During her strategic communications career she developed an expertise in reputation management. Her extensive background in the executive search business provided her with unique insight to the importance of monitoring reputation risk.

Throughout her search career she developed an expertise in global asset management lift-outs, which helped many clients achieve their growth objectives. Additionally, Kathy focused on the issue of diversity and developed a board practice that placed women leaders on corporate boards. She also created and launched a global competitive intelligence consultancy that provided clients with real-time insights that defined key business structures and identified human capital issues.

Kathy has been focusing on the development and launch of a reputation risk product for the last few years.


Fredy Xin


Today’s young generation is more sophisticated and tech savvy than ever before, and Fredy is no exception. Mr. Xin brings a unique combination of youthful perspective and global exposure to the Reputera team. A worldwide traveler, Fredy offers a wide range of experience from internships at Yihai Education Group and the National Committee on US-China Relations to marketing manager at Rose and Basil desserts in New York City. He also works regularly as a simultaneous translator in Serbia, Czech Republic, and many other East European countries helping global business development and educational philanthropy work. On top of that, Fredy is working as a developer in multifamily and mixed use real estate projects.

He is currently studying business psychology at New York University and especially interested in philanthropy. The insights gleaned from Fredy’s diverse experiences and extensive travel help ensure that Reputera maintains a holistic perspective in all of its service offerings

Customized information specific to your industry and your company.